Your Village Needs YOU!

Many of us enjoy and look forward to village events which include winter evenings spent at the hall enjoying a film or an ‘Arts All Inclusive’ special, but it may surprise YOU to know that these events are under threat through lack of volunteer support. 

This lack of support is unfortunately also being felt within other not-for-profit groups which also play a large part in our diverse village life too. 

Therefore, if YOU are prepared to join in and get involved as a volunteer with the groups that fund these resources for us, along such lines as hosting a ‘Flicks’ night, being on the admission desk, selling the ice-creams, stewarding events, designing posters, photocopying, baking cakes, making the teas, putting out chairs, (the list is endless), then there IS a slot just for YOU in these groups. 

Get volunteering with our local groups and help keep them alive with YOUR much needed support.

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