News from ward councillor carole


How beautiful Mortimer Ward looks at present, the milder winter has resulted in spring flowers and blossom appearing much earlier than usual and it is an absolute joy for me to drive around the area.

Although some time ago, I  just wanted to comment on the NDP referendum. The turn out was low which was disappointing and although it was close to Xmas, I pointed out in my article for the website and elsewhere that anyone can get a postal vote which might not only have been useful on that occasion but would also avoid people being unable to reach a polling station due to poor weather if a general election was called during winter months. 

I have received an email from a resident congratulating Balforur Beatty on their salting performance to date and that their timings had been impeccable. Also that they were not spreading too much salt with great piles randomly dumped all over the place as has been seen many times. They also observed that the “Veloceraptor” patching machine appears to be effective with patching holding up. I have passed the compliments onto Balfour Beatty as I think it important to give praise as well as criticism. 

The budget for 2019/20 was recently agreed. The Council received late on an extra £2 million. There were a number of rural one off projects which were included. One of these was that a £250,000 pot of money would be put to one side for parish councils who operate a Lengthsman scheme to bid for up to £25,000 in order to carry out small drainage improvements on minor roads. There was also money set aside for dealing with more major drainage projects.

A second Parish Council Summit was held in January and well attended again with over 50 Parish Councils represented. This one concentrated on how communities could assist with looking out for their more vulnerable residents. This included the Good Neighbour Scheme which is running in many parishes across Herefordshire and is just getting underway in Aymestrey. 

I note that a further section of road from Lingen to the A4110 has been repaired and although by no means perfect the road is now in a much better condition than previously. My frustration is that it takes so long to get such works carried out.