The August bank holiday weekend here in Lingen will have two major events taking place!

Firstly the Village Fete to be held in the Churchyard on the afternoon of Saturday 24th 2pm and then on Sunday 25th a one day exhibition by 'Needling Along' one of our local sewing groups which for this year will take place in the village hall 11am-4.30pm.  

Everyone is very welcome to both events.

For more information on the above please see the 'Events' page.


How many therapists does it take to change a light bulb?

None. The light bulb has to want to change.

How many computer scientists does it take to change a light bulb?

None. That is a hardware issue.

Living on earth can be an expensive business but it does include a FREE trip around the sun every year.

Knighton and District Rotary Club

Update for July 2019


Last month, as the end of this Rotary year approached, we continued to keep busy. Early in the month we enjoyed a sociable gathering at member Bruce and wife Sandie Morgan’s home in Leintwardine with nearly £400 raised, thanks to the support of the local community & Rotary members and friends, for the Bracken Trust cancer support charity. Next was a “Frugal Lunch” Rotary meeting at incoming President Chris Price’s home in Norton, raising nearly £200 for our charitable efforts in the community. These Frugal Lunches are a great way for members and guests to support our charitable work, while having an informal Rotary meeting in a members home. We then indulged in a Midsummer night’s buffet to support the Judges Lodgings and finished the month with a meeting to discuss our year’s achievements and plans for the 2019-20 Rotary year. More on that soon. You can find out more about what Rotary does by having a look at our Knighton Rotary Club website or Facebook page, or feel free to visit us on a Wednesday lunch or evening - you will be very warmly welcomed. Contact Norman Thorp 01547 529666 or Cathy Jones 07813 733240 for more details….


Walk - Several members of staff with dogs and family members walked from Yarpole and over Bircher Common returning to the Bell for lunch. £300 was raised for the Macmillan Nurses.

Missed appointments - During May 3.2% patients did not attend appointments.

Ear wax update – the practice manager has advised the PCN that they would be happy to either host this service for the locality or just for our patients. Caroline has resumed the service at all the practice branches and possibly beyond!

Carers - Herefordshire Council have changed the contract for carer support from Herefordshire Carers to Carers Trust 4all.

NHS App - The NHS App has been live in Herefordshire since 13thMay 2019. The app can be accessed using the EMIS Access details used for booking appointments etc. 

Proxy Access - Patients can now appoint a carer or relative to have proxy access to their records etc to enable them to order medication and book appointments. It is still not possible to register more than one person per email site unless proxy access is used.

Those patients which already use the 'Patient Access' service should soon receive an e-mail with further instructions on how to register and use this  new service.

Medication Shortages - The situation is getting worse. We are trying to keep up to date lists of shortages and alternatives but it is very difficult. We can only suggest patients allow a couple of extra days when ordering.

Note - A question regarding the waiting time for x-rays has been received. The patient in question had waited for four weeks. This is in fact better than average for Herefordshire. 

CM PPG Rep. 25.06.19 


**Training dates: Leintwardine surgery will be closed for the afternoon on the following dates 11 Sept, 11 Dec '19 for staff training.



Why is a 19th century Hungarian national hero buried far from home in a tiny Herefordshire village?



I was delighted to have been re-elected as your County Councillor  and to have increased my majority from 4 to 327.  During my campaigning  the main topic on most doorsteps was Brexit and I appreciate that for many of you the continuing uncertainty has made you both frustrated and angry and I feel the same.  Unfortunately I have no more influence than you on this matter but I do promise to work hard on your behalf on local issues over the next 4 years. 

The situation at Herefordshire Council from an administrative point of view is complicated.  As I write this report the Conservatives are the largest group with 13 councillors, but the Herefordshire Independents, the Greens and Its Our County have formed a coalition which enables them to control the council.  The Leader of the Council is now Cllr David Hitchiner. I have been fortunate in being re-appointed as the Children & Young Peoples Scrutiny Chairperson.  This committee looks at matters relating to those 0 – 25 and scrutinises the work of the council and  health organisations.  As I have mentioned before we have over 300 children in care, either fostered or in residential accommodation which for a county the size of Herefordshire is a far greater percentage than most other counties.

Border Group Parish Council have now purchased a Speed Indicator Device which will be rotated between the villages of Lingen, Walford and Brampton Bryan.  This it is hoped will not only slow down traffic but will also provide vital data which can be passed to Balfour Beatty to emphasise where there is a need for traffic calming measures.  It can also be used inform the police on those areas where they need to concentrate their speed radar equipment. 

I was disgusted to be told that a prior to a wedding at the local church the father of the bride had found it necessary to clear a drain outside of the church in order to release the build up of water.  This is completely unacceptable and I have raised this as an urgent matter with Balfour Beatty.  

Whilst campaigning I noticed in the more rural parts of the parish a  number of potholes which I reported to Balfour Beatty.  It is important that residents when they see a pothole report it on the Herefordshire Council website as the more rural roads are only inspected quarterly and in some cases annually.  

Finally if you wish to contact with a local issue or just to have a chat do not hesitate to do so either by phoning my land line 01568 780583 or my council mobile number 07792882133


Treatment Policy - eligibility criteria changes proposed for hip and knee replacements

The demands on healthcare today are growing at an unprecedented rate and the NHS is under increasing pressure to deliver all that we are asking of it. People are living longer, there are better treatments available and our modern culture and population health issues such as diabetes and obesity are adding to the demand.  In addition to healthcare interventions that tackle ill health and save lives, there is a growing demand for a range of orthopaedic procedures such as hip and knee replacements.  There is a strong body of evidence showing that for such procedures to be the most beneficial, patients requiring these interventions will need to maximise their chances of success by being fit for surgery.  The CCG is reviewing its Treatment Policy and is proposing to change the eligibility criteria for accessing hip and knee replacement surgery.



To bring Herefordshire and Worcestershire policies on prescribing over the counter medicines and gluten free foods in to alignment to support primary care capacity and patient self-care, Herefordshire CCG is proposing to restrict the prescribing of over the counter medicines for short-term, self-limiting conditions and also to stop the prescribing of gluten-free foods. 


A big majority of people in Herefordshire feel safe and have confidence in the police, according to a major new survey. 

 But only slightly over half are satisfied with the numbers of police they see in the community. 

 The results of an independent survey involving interviews with 600 people across the county in the last year have just been released. 

 In Herefordshire, which has a low crime rate compared to most areas, they show: 

  • 87% of people have confidence in West Mercia Police 
  • 81% think crime & anti-social behaviour in their community is not a big problem, or not a problem at all   
  • 51% are satisfied with levels of local policing.   
  • 66% feel the police understand their needs in the community   
  • 69% think the police are doing a ‘good’, or ‘excellent’ job   

 Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion said: “I promised I would ensure our communities are safe, and feel safe. 

"This study, and its results, are clear examples of those promises being delivered. 

 “The overall picture is encouraging, but there is more to do. Too many people don’t feel safe. 

 "I have increased officer numbers in West Mercia to their highest level since 2012. "In return, the Chief Constable has committed to improving police visibility, accessibility and responses, as well as public confidence and victim satisfaction. "Those improvements need to be felt right across West Mercia.” 

 There are 100 new police officers currently being trained and another 115 have been budgeted for. 

 That would take total numbers for West Mercia to 2,145 back to the figure they were in 2012.

Further info on

Note: this survey is being published as 'The BIG Herefordshire Police Survey' yet the total number which took part was 600.  This seems an extraordinarily small number given the thousands of residents that live in the West Mercia Area covering Herefordshire, Shropshire & Worcestershire.  wm. 


We’ve had a couple of e-mails asking about our Lingen Daffodils. These daffs were planted by villagers (under licence) in 2006 to brighten up the verges beside our village nameplates. The daffodils were purchased for this purpose by the local group ‘Lingen Arts All Inclusive’ (LAAI) with the majority of the forerunning snowdrops being donated by residents from their gardens.

The full story can be seen on the Lingen Arts All Inclusive web page

Our daffodils are Narcissus Pseudnarcissus; the wild Tenby daffodil. Of these in the late 16th century John Gerard wrote that wild daffodils grew almost everywhere in England. Since then they’ve become increasingly rare due to agricultural intensification. 

These spring flowers have been given many names across the ages and counties, for example ‘fairy bells’ in Dorset and ‘lenty cups’ in Somerset.

In folklore, they are considered lucky and not to be stepped on. In giving a loved one a bunch of daffs, you are sending them good luck.