Rotary Club news

Update for January 2019 

As usual last month was a busy one, combining social events with fundraising and charity donations to good causes. Early in the month we attended the Churches Together Pensioners Christmas Lunch in Knighton where we donated £250 for gifts to the older residents attending the meal.  In the middle of the month we held two Christmas collections at the Co-op in Knighton. We were very well supported by those people shopping there, and we raised over £420 to be divided largely between the East Radnorshire Day Centre in Presteigne and the Knighton Food Bank, with the remainder to Rotary supported local good causes. We also held a “Frugal Supper”, in place of one of our regular meetings, at Gallery House in Leintwardine raising nearly £200 for our charitable efforts in the community. Many thanks to everyone who has supported us this month – it is very much appreciated.

Winter News from Ward Councillor Carole...

Herefordshire Wildlife Trust

We have an opportunity to ask our politicians to make sure a new law, an Environment Act, maps out places where wildlife can recover on land and at sea, and people live  happier lives.

She doesn’t have a voice to make this happen. But you do. Please contact your MP today and ask to chat to them about why it is so important for them to vote for a strong Environment Act. We can help you get in contact with them right now and give some handy tips about what to say too!

Click on link below to find out 

more from HWT!

Find out more from HWT

Declaration of result of poll

I, Colette Maund being the Deputy Counting Officer at the Border Group Neighbourhood Planning Referendum held on Thursday, 20th December 2018, DO HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that the number of votes recorded at the said referendum is as follows:  

Question Do you want Herefordshire Council to use the neighbourhood plan for Border Group to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area 

 Votes Recorded Percentage 

Number cast for Yes 87   73.7% 

Number cast for No 31   26.3%  

The Number of Ballot Papers Rejected was as follows:  

(a) want of official mark (b) voting for more than one answer (c) writing or mark by which the voter could be identified (d) being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty  

Total spoilt votes NIL  

The total number of votes recorded represented 21.45% of the registered electors.  

AND I HEREBY DECLARE that the result of the referendum for Border Group is as follows:  

More than half of those voting have voted that they want Herefordshire Council to use the neighbourhood plan for Border Group to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area.  

Colette Maund Deputy Counting Officer

News from West Mercia Police

We have been busy with the Christmas drink drive campaign whereby in three days over the weekend, twelve people were arrested in Herefordshire alone which is really quite scary!

We have also been involved in Operation Farmwatch which was a force wide initiative in the evening/overnight stopping random vehicles seen in rural areas. West Mercia will be  totalling the overall statistics and will release that information in due course, but just to give you an example: On one of our nights within the space of an hour we pulled over 20 vehicles and over half of those were committing moving traffic offences. The  most common being headlights or brake lights out on their vehicles. As you can imagine, lots of advice was given to these motorists!

Leominster safer neighbourhood team would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and safe New Year. 

November News from Mortimer Medical Practice...

Over the Counter Medication   Practices have been issued with guidelines to greatly reduce the number of items prescribed that can be bought over the counter. Many of the items are available in shops and supermarkets as well as chemists.

Virtual PPG It was decided to trial a website virtual PPG system for a year. It is more of a discussion forum which may well appeal to younger patients. The PPG would continue to meet as this forum keeps members in touch with each other and the practice.

PPG Survey Over 4000 questionnaires were sent out with flu clinic letters. A total of 504 were returned. It was felt that there was not much information that could be responded to but the PPG will meet at a later date to discuss.

Ear Wax Removal  The PPG has raised this issue at two CCG meetings and has written twice but still have no answers regarding provision of this service.

Practice News No changes to staff. A new Keele medical student has started, he will be with us for ten weeks.