May News...

Missed appointments During March 3.5% patients did not attend appointments. In April the figure is 2.8%. Many of these appointments are with nurses and can be as long as an hour. It was suggested that the impact of this is somehow translated into a meaningful example and put in the practice newsletter.

Telephone message  This is now Gene’s voice. Comments have been made that it is clearer but some people think Dr Gray’s message was a nice touch.

Ear Wax Removal Each Primary Care Network (PCN) in the county has now been asked to submit proposals for a local service. Should the PCNs not be able to carry out this service Taurus will be asked to bid for the work.

Patients will be encouraged to self-care and the service offered will be based on approved clinical pathways. Patients needing removal who also wear hearing aids may be able to have their ears treating by the hearing aid provider. The service offered by the PCN should cover housebound patients.

Virtual PPG  An article will be put in the next practice newsletter and on the website inviting people to join this. 

Remote Deliveries Policies and Procedures for this will need tightening up and the service needs to be reviewed regarding GDPR and CRB checks. 

Walk  Staff and families will be walking from the Bell at Yarpole to Croft Ambrey and back through Fishpool Valley on 11thMay 2019. 

*Training dates: Leintwardine surgery will be closed for the afternoon on the following dates 13 March, 12 June, 11 Sept, 11 Dec '19 for staff training.


On-line Services

Herefordshire CCG is keen that to promote on-line prescription ordering. Patients will need a password to do this but this is the same password that is used for booking appointments. The password also gives access to blood test results and immunisation history. E-mail addresses for the dispensaries will be switched off n 31st March 2019. On-line medication ordering is a much safer and reliable method of obtaining medication as there is much less room for error. To obtain your password please contact  Alison Harries.

Medical Exemption Certificates

Medical exemption certificates need to be renewed regularly. The certificate currently lasts for a period of 5 years so it’s easy to forget to renew them but failure to do so may result in a £150 fine.  

General Information

A mobile phone appointment text service is now in operation and so you don’t miss your appointment and all you have to do is give the receptionist your mobile number. 

Recycle Your Inhalers etc.  The practice pharmacies will happily receive  your used inhalers including the pods for recycling.