Patient Particaption Group November News...

Over the Counter Medication   Practices have been issued with guidelines to greatly reduce the number of items prescribed that can be bought over the counter. Many of the items are available in shops and supermarkets as well as chemists.

Virtual PPG It was decided to trial a website virtual PPG system for a year. It is more of a discussion forum which may well appeal to younger patients. The PPG would continue to meet as this forum keeps members in touch with each other and the practice.

PPG Survey Over 4000 questionnaires were sent out with flu clinic letters. A total of 504 were returned. It was felt that there was not much information that could be responded to but the PPG will meet at a later date to discuss.

Ear Wax Removal  The PPG has raised this issue at two CCG meetings and has written twice but still have no answers regarding provision of this service.

Practice News No changes to staff. A new Keele medical student has started, he will be with us for ten weeks.

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September News...

Apologies for the error in some flu vaccine letters:  the Leintwardine flu clinic will be held on the 20th Oct. not as in some letters the 13th this is incorrect.

More apologies: many of you will have received letters asking you to come in for either a COPD, Asthma or Diabetes review.  The wrong database was used to produce these letters and many were sent to patients who did not yet need a review.  The practice is now reviewing its system to ensure this does not happen again.  Please accept the practices apologies for both of these errors.


September News...

Leintwardine & Orleton Surgeries are soon to receive patient access appointment booking in screens these have been purchased through the CCG and should relieve queues at the reception desks.

Waiting Room information screens are now working at all the practice surgeries.

Training dates: Leintwardine surgery will be closed for the afternoon on the following dates: 12 Dec '18 and 13 March, 12 June, 11 Sept, 11 Dec '19 for staff training.

Tracey Price who has joined the surgery part time, will handle matters that don't fall into a medical capacity but more in the realm of social care such as help with benefits etc.  At this time appointments with Tracey can only be made via a GP referral but it's hoped in time for access to be opened up.

General Information

A mobile phone appointment text service is now in operation and so you don’t miss your appointment and all you have to do is give the receptionist your mobile number. 

Recycle Your Inhalers etc.  The practice pharmacies will happily receive  your used inhalers including the pods for recycling.

On-line Services

Herefordshire CCG is keen that to promote on-line prescription ordering. Patients will need a password to do this but this is the same password that is used for booking appointments. The password also gives access to blood test results and immunisation history. In time the email addresses for the dispensaries will be switched off. On-line medication ordering is a much safer and reliable method of obtaining medication as there is much less room for error. To obtain your password please contact the Practice Manager.

Medical Exemption Certificates

Medical exemption certificates need to be renewed regularly. The certificate currently lasts for a period of 5 years so it’s easy to forget to renew them but failure to do so may result in a £150 fine.