lingen methodist chapel

Contact: Joyce Vale 01568 770349

Services:  Services are normally every Sunday at 3pm.  

The Chapel is licenced for weddings and funerals; it contains 120 seats in pews and 80 free sittings.  Services are mostly every Sunday at 3pm, but it is advisable to contact the Chapel steward before making a long journey.  

About -  The Chapel was built by Mr James Nott of Letton at a cost of £163.5s.7d and opened by Mr WJ Gisbourne on 26 June 1877 with a splendid cermony culminating in a tea for 400 people. Mr Nott became a Methodist in 1849. then a precher and was encouraged by Mr Gisbourne, a member of the Knighton Board of Guardians, to build two chapels with a total value of £700. Mr Nott who lived at the Farlands, died in March 1888 aged 59 years and was buried in Lingen Chapel on March 10.  His funeral was attended by the Squire and Vicar of the parish. 

(The above is printed by kind permission of the Lingen History Fellowship.) 


By Jeremy Bolwell - a visitor to our village who happened upon our

SPECIAL Chapel.  This chapel, still functioning, is open with a notice stating that it is 'open for contemplation and refreshments' so in I go, seeking just that. I am often touched by the thoughtfulness and humanity of people who trust visitors to enjoy the chapel as they intend. A kettle, coffee, tea, sugar, long life milk and a choice of biscuits etc have been arranged and the chapel was cool, airy and quiet. I spent a brilliant few minutes in there exploring, contemplating and getting refreshed. Thanks to the lovely people who do this. The visitor's book makes good reading too.